Everything Plant-Based at SXSW

Welcome to Austin, the home of good vibes, great food, and one of the largest conference & festivals in the country — South by Southwest® (SXSW®). The convergence of brilliant minds, music, film, art, and a glimpse into the future with keynotes, interviews and summits.

Plant-based? We’ve covered all of the must sees & eats for the 2019 SXSW, including a list of the best plant-based restaurants & bars for you to enjoy!

Conference Sessions

Mar 9

4pm-5pm *Free with SXSW Guest Pass
How to Be a Natch Beaut- Cruelty Free Beauty
Featuring Jackie Johnson, Founder of Natch Beaut

Mar 11

Localizing Food to Restore Human Health
Featuring Matt Barnard, CEO of Plenty / Daphne Miller, M.D.

Launching a Food Company to Change the World
Featuring David Benzaquen, founder of Ocean Hugger Foods / Kerry Song, founder of The Abbots Butcher / Aidan Altman, Co-Founder of Fora Foods

Food, Health, Climate Nexus Meet Up
Discussing the EAT Lancet Commission report

Mar 12

Refresh: Food & Tech at SXSW
Featuring ATX Food Co.JugoNew BarnSiete Foods

Tap Primal Instincts to Fuel Your Food Movement
Featuring Lauren M Scott, Produce Marketing Association

Alt. Proteins: Not Just Another Tech Revolution
Featuring Lisa Feria, Partner at Stray Dog Capital / Dan Altschuler, Partner at New Crop Capital / Andrew Ive, Partner of Big Idea Ventures
Moderated by Olivia Fox Cabane, CEO & Founder of KindEarth.Tech

DR. P.K. Newby (The Nutrition Doctor):Mentor

Hungry For Healthy
Featuring Mo Clancy, Founder of Five Suns Foods & Black Acorn Ventures / Kirby Bumpus, Head of Social Impact at sweetgreen

Tomorrow’s Perfect Food Narrative
Featuring Korsha Wilson of A Hungry Society podcast

Produce Matters: Why Eating More Plants is Key to Health 
Featuring Lisa Helfman, founder of Brighter Bites
P.K. Newby, The Nutrition Doctor
Lauren M Scott, CMO of Produce Marketing Association

Mar 13

Cultivating the Next Generation of Food Leaders

Featuring Haile Thomas, founder & CEO of HAPPY (Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth)

The Future of Eating
Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder of Agritecture

Sustainability Summit: Moving Food Where it Matters
Hosted by ATX Vegans at The Vegan Nom featuring a panel & party with plant-based thought leaders

SXSW Wellness Expo | March 9–10 *Free

Anyone can attend the SXSW Wellness Expo, just be sure to grab a SXSW Guest Pass here. Beyond all of these awesome plant-based booths below, you can enjoy the Expo Stage featuring demos and workshops, the Fitness Stage, Conscious Conversations, and Wellness Circles.

Booth 131: Vegan Outreach

Booth 207: Alpaca Market
Healthy meal vending machines

Booth 311: Prep To Your Door
Local, organic prepared meals. Gluten, dairy and meat free

Booth 312: Turmeric Latte Mix

Booth 314: Cleveland Kraut
Fermented & probiotic kratus

Booth 316: Element Tea LLC
Herbal teas

Booth 317: Loving Earth
Organic, bean-to-bar, plant-based chocolate

Booth 318: dafero
Plant-based date spreads

Booth 322: USA Pears
Fresh pears from Washington & Oregon

Booth 323: Imperfect Produce

Booth 329: Sprig
THC & CBD infused beverages

Booth 330: Cheekywell 
Organic CBD Products

Booth 331: The Nutramilk
Appliance simplifying the process of making dairy-alternative butters & milks

Booth 332: Partake Foods
Allergen free cookies

Booth 335: Sun & Swell Foods
Whole food, plant-based snacks

Booth 341: Desk Plants
Potted plants delivered to your door

Booth 359: Bädé Collection
Plant-based hemp infused products

Booth 407: Lettuce Grow
At home sustainable produce

Booth 408: Four Sigmatic
Mushroom elixirs

Booth 422: Bob’s Red Mill
Organic, whole grain foods

Booth 434: Just Made Juice
Cold pressed juice

Booth 458: Health Bomz
Healthy snacks with 2 vegan options

Booth 459: Kevita
Kombucha & probiotic drinks

Booth 520: Only by Nina Fitzgerald
Hypoallergenic, gluten /soy / paraben free, vegan skin & hair care

Booth 521: Lavva
Plant-based yogurt

Booth 541: Curcuma
Ayurveda, vegan, organic, gluten-free food & drinks

Booth 543: Local Leaf
Sustainable matcha & maté tea products

Booth 612: Everlywell
Personalized at home testing

Booth 630: Eagle Energy
Plant-Based essential oils

Booth 632: REBBL
Coconut-milk elixirs

Local Restaurants


Bouldin Creek Cafe
🍳 Hearty vegan breakfast options, plus lunch & dinner


Bistro Vonish
🍞 Elevated vegan cuisine — plz get the French Toast


🌮 Seriously delicious tacos, just be sure to request the vegan options and DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT A BOTTLE OF DIABLO HOT SAUCE

🥗 100% plant-based, ayurvedic, gluten-free, organic cafe featuring elixirs, smoothies, bowls, and superfood treats

ATX Food Co
🥑 100% natural / sugar-free / soy-free bowls, tacos, and desserts

Dinner / Late Night

🍔 100% plant-based burgers, tacos, mac n cheese, frito pie (!!), tots — just go already. Featured on the cover of VegNews ’20 Vegan Burgers To Eat Before You Die

Plow Burger
🍔 Ridiculously delicious vegan (Beyond Meat) burgers piled high with flavor, and must have Nada Moo shakes 🍦

Lil Nonnas
🍕 100% plant-based pizza inside a bar


Beer Plant
🍺 100% plant-based gastropub with craft beer, wine, and cocktails

Cheer Up Charlie’s
🍻 100% vegan bar

Sweet Tooth

Nada Moo Scoop Shop
🍨 Try the latest & greatest flavors from Nada Moo with sundaes, shakes, and espresso

Capital City Bakery
🍰 Drool-worthy vegan sweets

HUGE thanks to the queen of Austin cuisine, Elle, of Vegan Wonder for helping me comprise this list!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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