All the Plant-Based Food, Wine & Beer at Outside Lands 2019

Paul Simon, Lil Wayne, and blink-182 walk into a bar…

JK, it’s Outside Lands in San Francisco. This epic 3-day festival is one of my favorites, and not just because it happens to be held in my backyard at Golden Gate Park. The variety of talent is always a delightful assortment that appeals to just about every type of person, and you’re sure to find a stage that suits your current mood where you can dance through the day until the trees start to change colors.

If music isn’t your thing, Outside Lands offers entertainment from comedians and podcast stars at The Barbary, or you can venture over to Gastro Magic for curated conversations with celebrity chefs and musicians. Thirsty? Head to Cocktail Magic for San Francisco’s best Cocktail Bars + Mixologists and get more bang for your buck with performances by magicians, musicians, and DJs. Cannabis your thing? Grass Lands at Outside Lands is the first curated cannabis experience at a major US music festival (21+).

Pro-Tip: Be sure to bundle up with layers and bring a blanket because Karl the Fog is unpredictable and likes to check out sets from time to time.

Plant-Based & Vegan Options at Outside Lands 2019

Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas

  • Vegan Tamales

Curry Up Now 🌯

  • Hella Vegan Burrito

  • Hella Vegan Bowl

  • Hella Vegan Sexy Fries

  • Ginger Mint Lemonade

Dabba 🍲

  • Veggie Rice Bowl *order with no dairy*

  • Hummus Wraps

El Huarache Loco 🌮

  • Huaraches - *order with no dairy* corn based tortilla filled with beans and topped with Nopales

  • Chilaquiles - *order with no dairy* corn chips dipped in a Guajillo sauce topped with Nopales

  • Nopales Tacos - *order with no dairy* cactus salad tacos

FOB Kitchen 🥡

  • Stir-fried Glass Noodles

Freshroll 🍚

  • Portobello Fried Rice (gluten-free)

  • Taro Chips

Henry's + KronnerBurger 🍟

  • Vegan Chili Cheese Fries


  • Veggie Burger Slider *order with no sauces or cheese *

Koja Kitchen 🍟

  • Vegan Zen Patty Kamikaze Waffle Fries

Lady Falcon Coffee Club ☕️

  • Espresso

  • Iced Coffee

Nizario’s Pizza 🍕

  • Vegan Cheese Pizza

Nombe 🍣

  • Sushi *specify vegan option*

  • Spicy Fries (cross-contamination warning: fryer is shared with products that contain eggs)

Noosh 🥙

  • Aleppo Pepper Mushroom Pita Sandwiches

  • Pickle & Tahini Loaded Fries

  • Non-Alcoholic Garden Mojitos

  • Pomegranate Lemonades

  • Mint Iced Tea

Omakase 🥒

  • Cucumber Seaweed Salad

Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen 🥙

  • Sweet Yellow Corn Arepas: Vegan Sweet Plantain

  • Yuca Fries

  • Sweet Plantains

Rocko’s Ice Cream Truck 🍦

Build your own ice cream


  • Vegan & Gluten-Free Ice Cream Taco

  • Frozen Bananas


  • Dark Chocolate

  • Peanut Butter


  • All toppings are vegan *except caramel sauce*


  • Cauliflower 65 *specify vegan*

Ruru Kitchen 🥑

  • Smoothies: Mango Goji, Tropical Acai, Brainstimulator

  • Acai Bowls: Superbowl, Ruru Acai, Regular Acai, Moringa

  • Avocado Toast

  • Nutella Toast

Project Juice 🥒

  • Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

  • Superfood Smoothies

  • Wellness Boosts

  • Adaptogen Lattes

  • Plant-Based Snacks

Rosamunde Sausage Grill 🌭

  • Flame-Grilled Vegan Sausage Sandwiches

Senor Sisig 🌯

  • Tofu Rice Plate

  • Tofu Senor Burrito *order with no cilantro cream sauce*

Steap Tea Bar 🍵

  • Grade-A Boba sweetened with pure cane sugar

  • Oat Milk

  • Almond Milk

  • Herbal Hibiscus Punch with fresh lemon and aloe vera

Sugar and Spun 🍭

  • Cotton Candy *specify vegan*

Tacolicious 🌮

  • Corn, Summer Squash, Pasilla and Sweet Pepper Tacos

  • Agua Frescas

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen 🥦

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Mango Lemonade

The Chairman 🥟

  • Vegan Bun *not on menu, ask the cashier*

The Farmer's Wife 🥗

  • Farm Market Salads *without cheese*

  • Fresh Produce



  • Beyond Meat Taco

  • Nachos with Beyond Meat *order no cheese and no crema*

  • Agua Fresca


  • Fruit Cup

  • Elote *order with no aioli*

  • Agua Fresca

Vegan Wines at Wine Lands

Yes, not all wine is vegan. Unfortunately, some folks use animal byproducts (e.g. isinglass, egg white, or fish bladder) in the fermentation and clarification process, but we contacted each of the vendors at Outside Lands to confirm which wines are vegan!


Arnato Roberts

Ashes & Diamonds

Atlas Wine Co 5x less sulfites!


Bonterra Vineyards Only white varietals are vegan. Red wines are fined with organic egg whites.

Bushido Sake

Cellars 33

Charles & Charles

Copain Wines

Dry Creek Vineyard

Furthermore Wines

Gamling & Duck

Horse & Plow Winery Hops & Honey Cider is not vegan, all other ciders and wine are vegan!

Long Meadow Ranch Anderson Valley and Stony Hill wines are vegan

March Wines

No Fine Print

Preston Vineyards

Ram’s Gate Winery

Red Car Wine

Root Down Wine Cellars


The Withers Winery

Tropical Moscato

Vine Connections Japanese Sake

Vegan Beers at Beer Lands

Yes, not all beer is vegan. Some breweries use products that help clear the beer quickly of hops, yeast and haze inducing proteins that come from fish, but we contacted each of the vendors at Outside Lands to confirm which beers are vegan!

Almanac Beer Co Hypernova and Fluffy DIPA varieties are not vegan, all other beers and wine are vegan!

Anchor Brewing Co

Anderson Valley Brewing Co The Bourbon Barrel Stout is not vegan, all other beers are vegan!

Drake's Brewing Company

Local Brewing Co

Old Kan

Seismic Brewing Co

Seven Stills

Sierra Nevada

Speakeasy Ales & Beers


Unti Vineyards

Woods Beer Local Honey is not vegan, all other beers and wine are vegan!

Heading to Outside Lands? Let’s meet up for some plant-based food!

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