Independence Day the Plant-Based Way

Happy Birthday, America! 🇺🇸 While we might not all agree on politics, sports teams, or which coast is the best (obviously the west 🤪) — we can certainly agree that this country is one of the most special places on Earth. We share our incredible innovation, technology, talent, and passion with the rest of the World and together make for some pretty awesome humans. There’s lots we can complain about in today’s day and age, but ultimately this place we call home is worthy of celebration each and every 4th of July.

There’s something about the all American classics, the patriotism we sport in our red, white & blue outfits, the awe that arises when we watch fireworks with our loved ones, and the nostalgia that takes us back to the good ol’ days while we smile over the smell of roasted marshmallows. There’s a special kind of happiness that happens when we revel in the goodness that we are so fortunate to experience as Americans. That being said, we’re making sure you have everything you need to fill your bellies (and hearts) this 4th of July with all of the best plant-based recipes we could find!

Fourth of July Plant-Based Recipes


🌭 Grilled Beer Sausages
by @veganyackattack

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My 'Spring Potato Salad' is up on the blog and ready to go. (Linked in my bio). This potato salad is different than the traditional mayo-based one we like to eat here in the South. Yes, it has mayo but it's not *too* much. More importantly, it's loaded with baby arugula, English peas, fresh dill, ripe avocado, and the all-star ingredient, fresh tarragon. . Honestly, that's what started this whole recipe concept. You see, the tarragon I have growing in my garden is totally showing off right now (swipe to 2nd image). Bursting with new growth, I knew I had to use some in an upcoming recipe. So here you go! . If you've never had tarragon, it has a very bright and pungent anise flavor. My favorite way to use it is in dressings (like for this recipe) but it's also fantastic in soups or baked with a protein like tofu or seitan. And did you know it's an excellent source of calcium, iron, and manganese? It's true! I recommend purchasing a small plant of tarragon to grow in your garden or even in a small pot on your porch or by your back door so that you can begin incorporating it into your cooking. Before I had my own, I always had the hardest time finding some in the herb section of grocery stores. Once I started growing my own plant, my tarragon cooking needs have been met beautifully and I've been able to introduce it to my friends and family, who love it as well! . Big thanks to @kellogggarden for sponsoring this recipe and some upcoming content while I build my very own organic garden. Lots of tips, tricks and inspiration coming your way soon. 🤗 . #sponsored #organicgardennation #organicbuildslife

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