The Best of Denver Plant-Based Food with Kompas City Leader Janelle

Janelle is busy making the World a better place day in and day out with her daily posts of plant-based eats including beautiful recipes of her own. When she’s not making beautiful dishes and sharing recipes from her home in Denver, she’s taking us along as she discovers incredible plant-based food from her travels all over the globe. She recently graduated from Colorado State University where she played D1 soccer, fueled entirely by plants. We‘re elated to have this bright light guide you to the latest and greatest plant-based food in Denver and beyond!

How long have you been plant-based?
1/2 year in 2012, Vegetarian (2012–2017), Vegan (2017-Present)

What made you commit to a plant-based lifestyle?
First was for health, then the environment as I became more educated in how I was affecting the environment with my current lifestyle, and finally for the animals after watching more documentaries and researching more into the meat and dairy industry.

What are you most looking forward to in the plant-based market?
My goal is to spread the amazing benefits and ethics behind a plant based diet in a way that doesn’t limit your eating, but expands your mind (and stomach 😅) to all the amazing plant-based recipes and restaurants.

Which innovations in the plant-based industry interest you most?
What interests me most are all the amazing alternatives that are starting to come out for all the meat and dairy products. I also love the creative new tips and tricks to vegan cooking and baking that is emerging.

Who is the most inspirational plant-based person in your life?
My aunty (my mom’s sister) is my biggest inspiration because she was the reason I ever learned about a plant based diet back when I was only 12 years old. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and after trying all the different medical treatments she realized it wasn’t a sustainable way of living and explored a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. After following a plant-based diet her cancer went into remission and she has been cancer free for years now, as she continues to follow a vegan diet.

Which plant-based product can you not live without?
My favorite plant-based product is definitely tofu! I am Asian and grew up eating Asian Cuisine. Tofu was something that I never looked at as being a “plant-based” alternative to meat because of how much it is already incorporated into the Asian cuisine, and so it has become even more of a staple to me because of how versatile it is whether I’m cooking or baking!

What is your best advice for someone who wants to commit to a plant-based lifestyle?
The most important thing is to figure out the reason you are want to switch to a plant-based diet. If it is to lose weight, then you may not be as successful because you need to find something that’s more meaningful to keep you accountable. For example, if it is because you want to lose weight, then think about it as eating plant-based for your health to allow you to live longer, healthier, and conquer the things you may not have been able to do.

Your dream day of plant-based food from anywhere in the World


Stuffed French Toast at Watercourse
Denver, CO


Seitan Hot Wings at Fire On the Mountain
Denver, CO


Shoji Roll at Blue Sushi Sake & Grill
Denver, CO (multiple other locations)


Chocolate Salted Oreo Ice Cream at Little Man Ice Cream
Denver, CO

Your Top 10 Denver spots for plant-based eats 

Vital Root
🍲 Health conscious, globally inspired eats from a modern all-day counter spot with outdoor patios

Watercourse Foods
🥞 100% plant-based comfort food with an epic brunch menu

City O City
🌯 100% plant-based breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, beer, wine, cocktails, and a patio. Whoa.

Fire On the Mountain
Plant-based seitan and cauliflower hot wings with an array of sauces

Hops & Pie
Pizza with creative plant-based options, Sloppy Jane, and craft brews

Bang Up To the Elephant
🍛 Caribbean inspired Calypso cuisine with plant-based options, cocktails, happy hour & late night eats

Veggie Yeti Food Truck
100% plant-based burgers, tacos, and more

WongWayVeg Food Truck
🌯 100% plant-based comfort food including papusas and bread pudding

Asian inspired cuisine with happy hour, drinks, and a rooftop to boot

Beet Box Bakery & Cafe
Bakery and classic sandwiches with plant-based options

Thank you, Janelle! We absolutely love following along your plant-based journey and are so excited to have you on board!

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