Meet Alyssa, Our Glen Ridge City Leader

Meet Alyssa, Our Glen Ridge City Leader

Alyssa is a goddess who I’m convinced was put on Earth to inspire others to tap into their spirituality and understand that we don’t need to eat animals to be strong. This beautiful soul spends her days consulting restaurants, playing with her adorable rescue pup Zola, workin’ on her fitness, and serving up craft cocktails in New Jersey. Her infectious energy makes it easy to see how rewarding it is to choose plants and peace. We’re grateful to have her as one of our City Leaders to guide you all on your plant-based journey through Glen Ridge, NJ!

How long have you been plant-based? 

10 years

What made you commit to a plant-based lifestyle? 

Loving animals more alive than on my plate ❤️

What are you most looking forward to in the plant-based market? 

Less tofu/seitan, more veggies & fruit.

Which innovations in the plant-based industry interest you most? 

Seeing food as medicine for the body & planet.

Who is the most inspirational plant-based person in your life? 

Chef Chloe Coscarelli

Which plant-based product can you not live without? 

Cookie Dough Evo Hemp Bars

What is your best advice for someone who wants to commit to a plant-based lifestyle? 

Slowly, steadily & supplement properly so you don’t crash and burn. There’s no right way to do this. Listen to your body and it will guide you smoothly into a happy transition. Remind yourself of your “why”.

Your dream day of plant-based food from anywhere in the World


Almond Pancakes at ABC V
New York City. NY


Kimchi Spring Rolls at AVO
Nashville, TN


Gnocchetti (without shrimp) at Marea
New York City, NY


Chef Chloe’s Chocolate Chunk Sea Salt Cookies at St Roch Market
Miami, FL

Your Top 10 Glen Ridge Spots for Plant-Based Eats

The Thai Elephant
Thai classics with plant-based options.

Authentic Ethiopian cuisine with plant-based options.

🍔 All-natural, organic burgers with plant-based options.

Le Salbuen
🥘 Fresh, locally sourced, globally inspired cuisine with plant-based options.

Veggie Heaven
100% plant-based, fresh, authentic Asian cuisine.

🌮 100% plant-based organic juice bar & market.

Pet Shop
Bar and kitchen with plant-based options.

Manhattan Juice Bar
🍏 Juice bar, smoothies, salads, wraps and paninis with plant-based options.

Comfort food classics with plant-based options.

Mundo Vegan
100% plant-based organic dinner & desserts

Thank you, Alyssa, for all of the light you bring, and all that you do to make this World a better place for animals!

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