The Best Plant-Based Things to Happen This Week

The Best Plant-Based Things to Happen This Week


Celebrities invest $300M in Impossible Foods

The iconic '“bleeding” Impossible Burger can now be found in over 10,000 restaurants throughout the World and the makers at Impossible Foods are working daily to expand their product line to include meat and soon dairy alternatives. Recognizing the necessity for innovation within the food industry, celebrities including Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Serena Williams, and more invested $300 million in the revolutionary company’s latest fundraising round.


JUST Egg Launches in China

JUST, the makers of the best-selling JUST Egg, Cookie Dough, Mayo, and dressings has launched in mainland China, expanding their global reach to one of the World’s most populated areas where plant-based food is gaining popularity. The company employs over 23 Michelin star restaurant chefs to research and develop the highest quality plant-based products to replace animal products, assuring their products will be used in top restaurants throughout the World.


Tim Horton’s Debuts Beyond Breakfast Sausage

The Canadian fast-food chain Tim Horton’s is testing Beyond Meat’s plant-based breakfast sausage patty in three of their breakfast sandwiches at select locations. The new plant-based sausage options will be available at all 4,000+ locations throughout Canada should the launch prove successful (go get em, Canadians!). Be sure to order the sandwiches without cheese or egg for a 100% plant-based meal.


Matthew Kenney to Open San Francisco Vegan Restaurant

News of the closure of one of San Francisco’s most iconic, longstanding restaurants Jardineire sent shockwaves through the city. The restaurant will be replaced with an entirely plant-based Italian restaurant from Matthew Kenney as he continues to take over the culinary world with his popular plant-based restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, and more. Kenney has partnered with Sonoma animal sanctuary Charlie’s Acres owner, Tracy Vogt, to create Baia, which translates to “bay” in Italian. No word yet on when the restaurant will open.


Little Ceasars Adds Impossible Sausage to Menu

PIzza! Pizza! The massive pizza chain Little Caesars has added the Impossible Supreme Pizza to select locations in Florida, New Mexico, and Washington. The pizza features Impossible Foods plant-based sausage, but the pizza is not entirely plant-based unless ordered without cheese. Alas, this is a huge step for the plant-based and animal rights movements, sparing the lives of hundreds of animals with this simple swap!


Country Crock Debuts Plant-Based Butter

Remember the nostalgic big brown tub of creamy butter that meals seemed to not be complete without? Country Crock is getting with the times and has added three new completely plant-based, dairy free butters to their product lineup. Their Plant Butter comes in three varieties: Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil, all available in stick and tub format.

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