The Best Plant-Based Things to Happen This Week

The Best Plant-Based Things to Happen This Week

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Billie Eilish Promotes New Album with Vegan Food Tour

This 17-year-old super star is skyrocketing to fame and taking her love for plant-based food with her. Billie Eilish is proudly 100% vegan and even bakes vegan cookies to relieve stress (yeah, we’re in love, too). She’s teamed up with UberEats to promote her album release with her favorite plant-based spots across the US.

Austin: ATX Food Co.
Los Angeles: Cafe Gratitude
Miami: Love Life Cafe
New York: by Chloe
Seattle: Araya’s Place
Washington DC: Indian Jones Vegan

All of her favorites are available for delivery through the UberEats app.
You can listen to her record breaking album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? here.

Maple Leaf Foods to Build the Largest Plant-Based Factory in North America

From the makers of Lightlife Foods and Field Roast Grain Meat, under the parent company Greenleaf Foods owned by Maple Leaf Foods has invested $310 million to build the largest plant-based protein factory in North America. The facility will be fully dedicated to producing plant-based products like Field Roast’s sausages and cheeses, as well as Lightlife’s popular plant-based bacon and deli meats. Over 460 new jobs will be created once the facility is built in Shelbyville, Indiana.

You can purchase Field Roast here, and Lightlife Foods products here!

Van Leeuwen Launches Vegan Green Planet Ice Cream

To celebrate Earth month, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has launched their Green Planet ice cream that will be available til May 5th at all 16 of their Los Angeles and New York locations. The cashew and coconut-based ice cream uses raw organic coconut oil, pure cocoa butter, and organic cane sugar, accented with shade-grown matcha from Matchabar, and mixed with spirulina-spiked almond cake to create beautiful Earth-like scoops that are almost too pretty to eat. This flavor is an addition to their spring menu of non-dairy offerings which also includes the PB&J Bon Bon flavor, made with dark chocolate peanut butter bon bons and raspberry jam. 💚🌎🍦

Find a Van Leeuwen location near you.

HÄAGEN-DAZS Debuts Vegan Fudge Bar

One of the World’s best-selling ice cream brands just released a plant-based chocolate fudge ice cream bar this week! HÄAGEN-DAZS has been expanding their non-dairy product line since 2017 and we are beyond stoked to try this latest addition. They’ve also added a non-dairy flavor to their Spirits editions, Amaretto Black Cherry Almond, combining rich black cherry jam and sweet almond toffee pieces folded into their non-dairy base that’s infused with a nutty Amaretto.

Bristol Farms To Display A Vegan Butcher Counter

Recognizing the demand for plant-based meat alternatives, California gourmet grocer Bristol Farms will be the first supermarket chain to include a vegan butcher counter. The dedicated counter will include a selection of plant-based chicken burgers and breakfast sausage from Huntington Beach’s Before the Butcher, as well as their house made no=meat taco mix, vegetarian meat loaf, stuffed cabbage, chorizo-stuffed potatoes and a Mediterranean meatless patty.

Just last year, plant-based food sales saw an increase of over 20% int the US alone. With over 39% of consumers in the United States trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet, according to a global survey by Nielsen, we’re looking forward to more supermarkets offering more plant-based alternatives.

Find a Bristol Farms near you.


Aloha Introduces Plant-Based Protein Beverage

Plant-based protein power house ALOHA recently announced their latest innovation, a low-carb, keto-friendly plant-based protein beverage. Packing 18g of protein with just 5g of coconut sugar, the protein drinks also contain electrolytes, probiotics, and MCT oil for optimum health. The protein is comprised of a proprietary blend ofpe and brown rice proteins.

Purchase ALOHA Plant-based Protein Drinks here.

Global Vegan Bake Sale Begins Next Week

For the 11th year, The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale will be running from April 15-30th in various cities across the globe. The event is run by ProVeg International and has raised over $440,000 to raise awareness of the pros of a plant-based lifestyle. Find an event near you here, or host your own event here.

Plant-Based Events This Weekend

VegOut! Scottsdale Vegan Beer & Food Festival
Scottsdale, AZ
Saturday April 13 & Sunday April 14

Michiana VegFest
South Bend, IN
Sunday, April 14

Fairfax Veg Fest
Herndon, VA
Sunday, April 14

Alabama Vegan Fest
Birmingham, AL
Sunday, April 14

VegFest Puerto Rico
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Sunday, April 14

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