Meet Erica, Our Boston City Leader

Erica knows how to eat. Her feed is filled with gorgeous, vibrant photos of her epic food adventures throughout Boston and the US; making plant-based look like the life-changing, mouth watering experience it is! We couldn’t be more excited to bring this bright, beautiful human on as our first Boston City Leader!

How long have you been plant-based?

2.5 years

What made you commit to a plant-based lifestyle? 

Every living being deserves the right to live! After learning about the treatment of animals and how the meat gets on our plates, I knew I could no longer be a part of it.

What are you most looking forward to in the plant-based market? 

I am so excited to see the Impossible Burger hit the stores! It's one of my favorite things to order out at restaurants, and I'm looking forward to being able to make it at home with my own fixings!

Which innovations in the plant-based industry interest you most? 

Beyond Meat is a fantastic company and I am always inspired and so fascinated with all of the products they come out with. I think really any company that produces such amazing and delicious mock meats are truly doing everyone a favor -- vegan or not! It really shows us that you don't need to give up your traditional favorite foods and tastes if you eat vegan -- we just have cruelty-free substitutes.

Who is the most inspirational plant-based person in your life?

My brother, sister-in-law, and niece! (I know, that's more than one person, but they are the best vegan family you'll ever meet!) They were all vegan before me, and never put pressure on me to make the switch. It was through observing their plant-based lives, meals, and mindsets that inspired me to check it out for myself. I so admire their patience, knowledge, and support. I owe them a huge thank you for helping me find my passion, without them even trying to!

Which plant-based product can you not live without? 

So Delicious Almond Milk Caramel Coffee Creamer! It is so creamy and flavorful -- can't have a hot cup of coffee in the morning without it!

What is your best advice for someone who wants to commit to a plant-based lifestyle?

Whether it's for health, ethical, or environmental reasons, you got this! The plant-based community is growing tremendously -- this is an extremely special time. No matter the reason or motivation, I recommend doing research and finding what it is that will keep you going along the way. There may be others who disagree or don't understand, but use that as a way to educate and enlighten! If you ever feel stuck in the beginning, I encourage you to follow fellow vegans on Instagram and social media. There's a great community out there!

Your dream day of plant-based food from anywhere in the World


Champs Diner SAG Breakfast Sandwich
New York, NY


Shizen Any of their sushi rolls!
San Francisco, CA


The Southern V Hot Chick'n Strips
Nashville, TN


Beyond Sushi Hot Skillet Cookie
New York, NY

Erica’s Top 10 Plant-Based Eats in Boston

Veggie Galaxy
Old school diner with new school plant-based all American eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Life Alive
Organic cafe serving up plant-based wraps, salads & smoothies

Saus at Bow Market
🍟 Boston classics and plant-based poutine with alllll the fix-ins

Veggie Crust
Pizza, pasta, salads, and nice cream - 100% plant-based and gluten-free

The Friendly Toast
Eclectic diner with an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza
Creative, locally sourced ingredients top pizzas with plant-based options

🍲 Japanese eats with an entire vegan menu including ramen, gyoza, salads, and curry

Taco Party
Any party with tacos is a party I want to be at

Dig Inn
🥗 Fresh seasonal fare including bowls, salads, and lots of sauces

Earl's Restaurant and Bar
A wide variety of plant-based options from the Impossible Burger to sushi and bowls


🍔 Uplifting, plant-Based comfort food

Bartley’s Seitan Stand

🍔 Voted Best Food Truck in Boston in 2018, so you know it’s good

Thank you for making the World a better, brighter place, Erica!

Follow Erica @vegan_kween and visit her website for some of the best plant-based eats in Boston & beyond!