Natural Products Expo West Foods We're Drooling Over

Natural Products Expo West Foods We're Drooling Over

Last week at Natural Products Expo West it was abundantly clear that plant-based food is the future, and the future is here. From Almonds to cheeZe, here are our favorites:

Almonds & Fruit from Almond Breeze

Snack so hard with these gourmet sweet & savory selections from Almond Breeze:

  • Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tart Cherry

  • Sea Salt Almonds & Whole Blueberry

  • Sweet Cardamom Almonds & Honeycrisp Apple

  • Dark Chocolate Flavored Almonds & Toasted Coconut

Available Now

Almond Dips from New Barn Organics

I put my hand upon this chip. When I dip, you dip, we dip.

  • Garden Herb

  • Lemon Dill

  • Habanero

  • Beet

  • Red Pepper

Banana & Coconut-Based Frozen Desserts from Hakuna Banana

Creamy bananas make for the perfect base to these delicious flavors. All vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO, refined sugar free, soy free, and corn free. 🍌🍦

  • Banilla

  • Choco Choco Chip

  • Banana Spice

  • Blueberry

  • Cashew Cookie Dough

  • Strawberry

Available Now

Beyond Beef from Beyond Meat

They’re at it again! The revolutionary brand that brought us the Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, and Beyond Beef Crumbles launched their plant-based ground beef at Expo West. Chefs and home cooks are anxiously awaiting for this game-changing product to be available in grocery stores this year.

Cheezeburger from Morning Star Farms

Morningstar Farms adds to their [nearly all] vegan lineup of frozen meatless alternatives with the latest Cheezburger - 23g of plant-based protein and cheeeeeze! 🍔

Available Soon

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches from Coconut Bliss

Hemp seed chocolate chip cookies and Coconut Bliss ice cream - we’ll take 5 of each, thanks! 🍪🍦

  • Dark Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

  • Vanilla Cookie Sandwich

Available Now

Deli Slices from Good&Green

Charcuterie boards rejoice! Plant-based deli slices now exist thanks to Italian company Good&Green.

  • Veggie Prosciutto

  • Veggie Carpaccio

  • Lupini Beans

  • Spicy Lover

Available Now

Fishless Canned Tuna from TUNO

Is this chicken or is it fish? It’s plants!

  • Spring Water

  • Lemon Pepper

  • Sriracha

Available Now

Half & Half from Forager Project

Organic coconuts, cashews, and date make this half & half the perfect mate for your morning coffee. ☕️

Available Now

Hemp Creamer & Oat Milk from Elmhurst

This 92-year-old dairy brand recently switched to all plant-based, minimally processed milks. Most recently they’ve added a Hemp Creamer and Oat Milk to their extensive product lineup.

Available Now

Ice Cream Bars from Revelé

The transformation of the ice cream industry continues with these insane flavors of plant-based ice cream bars from Revelé. 🍦

  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Cookie Butter Bar

  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Snickerdoodle & Toffee Bits

  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Banana Split

  • Coffee & Chocolate Bits

  • Cookie Dough

  • Milk & Cereal

Available Soon

Kite Hill Kids Tubes from Kite Hill

Were you obsessed with GoGurt growing up like me? If not, that’s probably a good thing. If so, there’s a 2019 version that’s actually good for you thanks to Kite Hill!

  • Strawberry Banana

  • Mixed Berry

Available Now

Moocho Cheesecakes from Tofurky

Conveniently packaged cheesecake is something we never knew we needed. But we definitely need all of these.

  • Triple Berry Swirl

  • New York Style Vanilla

  • Chocolate

Available in May

Nut Butter Covered Nuts from Justin’s

THIS IS NUTS. Nut butter covered nuts.

  • Almond Butter Covered Almonds

  • Cashew Butter Covered Cashews

Available in May

PigOut Pigless Bacon Chips from Outstanding Foods

A fan favorite at Expo West, these pig-free bacon chips are flying off the shelves. Don’t wait for pigs to fly to believe it. 🐷

  • Original

  • Cheddar

  • Chipotle

  • Kansas City Barbecue

Available Now

Pimp My Salad from Frederick Export

Add flavor and crunch to your meals. 🥗 You know it’s good for you when there are less ingredients than there are branding labels:
Vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, hand made, low GI, mineral rich, activated….

  • Cashew Parmesan

  • Hemp Parmesan

  • Sea Seaweed Superfoods

  • Super Seeds

  • Spiced Sprouted Sunflower Seeds

  • Coconut Bacon

Available Now

Plant-Based Pockets from Tofurky

Hot pocket style frozen pizza pockets. 🍕 Teenage dreams come true.

  • Pepp’roni Pizza

  • Ham & Cheddar

  • Broccoli & Cheddar

Available Soon

Pumfu from Foodies

I AM GOING TO PUM-FU UP 💪🎃 Pumpkin seeds are here to transform tofu and eliminate the need for allergen prone soy. Sionara soy!

Available in September

Yes Peas from PopChips

3 ingredients: peas, oil, and himalayan salt. Protein-packed peas provide 6g of protein per serving.

Available Now

We can only imagine what the world has in store for Natural Products Expo West 2020. Until then, follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter as we build the simplest app to find the best plant-based options nearby.

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