Our Mission


We’re a mission-driven, planet-first, people-powered tech company that’s on a mission to make the World a better place.

Food is a choice we as privileged humans get to make every single day, and we have the opportunity to make the choice that betters ourselves as well as our planet when we choose plant-based food.

There is an entire culture surrounding food; we gather as family, friends, business partners, neighbors, and lovers to experience the satiating feeling of filling our stomachs and nourishing our bodies during a meal. Thanks to innovations in the food industry we can now eat plant-based burgers, cupcakes, donuts, sushi, even pizza - all without contributing to the needless suffering of 59 bIllion land animals each and every year.

Kompas simplifies finding these delicious eats everywhere you go by teaming up with our City Leaders: rockstars, activists, creators, entrepreneurs, superheroes, tastemakers and plant-based influencers who actually influence positive change (imagine that!) through their platforms.