Your guide to plant-based dining.

Our Mission:

Make the World a better place.

We give people the tools to choose the best plant-based food options at restaurants nearby in order to save our planet and all it’s inhabitants.


What We Do

We’re a mission driven tech company making it simple to discover the best plant-based options based on proximity, cuisine type, occasion, and budget. We only show you the plant-based options available and any modifications needed in order to make dishes 100% plant-based.

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Plant-based options at restaurants & eateries nearby


Your favorite restaurants, dishes & people in one place


The best plant-based options around and inspire others to make the World a better place!


How We Do It

Our City Leaders are passionate plant-based experts who provide their insight and knowledge to help you find the best local spots in town with plant-based food options on the Kompas app. These rad individuals leave reviews based on the number of plant-based options, food quality, flavor, sustainability, service, and atmosphere. We love them and we know you will, too!

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Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or the perfect place to spend Taco Tuesday on a patio with your pup, we’ve got you covered.


Our Impact

We aim to create a significant impact in the food industry by bringing plant-based options to the forefront at restaurants and eateries worldwide. By focusing on plant-based foods, we can affect change at each and every meal.



Help our planet heal from the detrimental effects of animal agriculture and save precious natural resources when you choose plant-based foods. (Source)


Over 70 billion animals are slaughtered each year for food. By increasing the number of plant-based options, we can decrease the staggering number of innocent animals who needlessly suffer to become food. (Source)


Experience a plethora or positive health benefits from a plant-based lifestyle: increase your energy and mental clarity, and decrease your risk of certain diseases and cancers. (Source)


When we choose plant-based foods, we are supporting a collective of compassionate, conscious humans who share the vision of a plant-based planet. By abstaining from animal products, the resources used to feed animals can be used to feed and hydrate millions of humans worldwide. (Source)